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If you've ever been strapped for pocket money, you've probably thought about the price of a dollar and the importance of making it stretch as far as possible. If you face an emergency in terms of cash and need more money to get rid of the problem, but at the same time you have a hemorrhaging bank account, what can be the solution? If you are an employed person making money that you can use to pay back loans and are over 18 years old, a short term loan or pay day loan can save you!

As this type of loan is for short term needs, the amount that can be borrowed may as small as $100. If you need help with money in larger amounts, there are loans ranging from $100 - $1000. It totally depends on how much money you need to help. Repayment periods of short term loans generally are less than 1 year, but it can vary with your needs and the policy of the lender company. For example, the duration of the loan can be anywhere from 30 days to 3 years. There is a bit of flexibility in the repayment system too. You may decide to repay either by issuing a post dated check to your lender or by permitting him to deduct money from your bank account automatically. Though interest rates for these loans is quite high, you can easily reduce it by looking around for the best one for your purpose. To apply for short term loans all you need to do is fill out an online application form providing details such as your contact address, work phone number, social security number, employment details, type and amount of loan you want to qualify for, etc. After finishing the first step, a good number of lenders will contact you with their offers within few hours. You will have the freedom to choose the best one for your case. If no offer that you get suits you you will just have to look elsewhere, but never give up faith.

Short term loan can be acquired without submitting any security against the loan amount, thus making it ideal for renters and those without expensive possessions that nonetheless need help with money. There are some documents, however, that you must submit in order to get this type of loan. You must submit your proof of employment to the lender as well. In many cases you will also need a bank account that has been in place for the past 6 months.

A loan of this nature can be used to fulfill your urgent and short term needs in the event that you are running out of money or you just need more money. You can utilize these to pay urgent bills like electricity bills, medical bills, debts etc. Generally it does not affect your credit rating and you never even need to leave your home or office to get one. If you like, you can keep it totally private between you and the lender company and will never see a credit rating consequence.

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